Just For Fun

Community Service

Buddy Programs (For teens in 6th-12th grade)

You must first register for and attend Buddy Training in order to volunteer at any Buddy programs (Art Buddies, Book Buddies, STEM Buddies).

Buddy Training: Learn about how to be a great volunteer in any of our Buddy programs. This training will not only prepare you for Art Buddies, Book Buddies and STEM Buddies, but will give you some tips for volunteering anywhere! You must complete this training in order to be a Teen Buddy.

Art Buddies: Do you enjoy arts and crafts? Earn community service working on different craft and art projects in person with our younger “buddies” children ages 4 to 7.

Book Buddies: What could be better than sharing a book with a child? Pull out some of your old favorites or learn their new favorites, and read to each other.

STEM Buddies: Collaborate with younger kids, or sometimes a bigger group, on projects or activities that are related to STEM topics. You might work on some iPad games or see how tall a structure you can build. You might make an elaborate marble run or have to walk a path the child has “coded” for you. Whatever you do, you know it will be fun!

Teen Volunteer Club applications:

Teen Advisory Council Club Application – For teens in 7th-12th grade. Members plan and implement library programs, and provide input on teen services at MCPL. To join, fill out the online application.
Green Teens Club Application – For teens in 6th-12th grade. Discuss environmental issues, work on eco-friendly projects and receive community service credit for participating. To join, fill out the online application.
Mutt Club Application – For teens in 6th-12th grade. Do you love animals? Want to personally help local shelters? Become a Mutt Club member and get involved! The Mutt Club will meet monthly where members will be able to help animals in a variety of ways. To join, fill out the online application.
Media Teens Club Application – For teens in 6th-12th grade. Get community service for helping promote library events and clubs by creating content. We’ll meet each month to discuss upcoming projects! To join, fill out the online application.

Virtual Volunteering

Looking for ways to make a difference in your community? Learn how you can volunteer virtually through the library! These opportunities are for Middle Country teen cardholders in 6th-12th grade unless otherwise noted. Please allow up to one week for a response to your submission and processing of a community service certificate. Please provide a valid email that is not your school account in order to receive your community service certificates. For more information about any of our teen community service programs, please call 631-585-9393 ext 115.

Data Detox x Youth
Click here for guidelines, instructions, and the submission form.

Data Detox x Youth is an activity book to help young people take control of their tech. This interactive toolkit encourages young people to think about different aspects of their digital lives, from their social media profiles to their passwords, with simple activities for reflection and play. Earn three hours for completing the activity book and writing a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) about tips you have learned that can be shared with others. This project may only be submitted one time per teen.
Hope Rocks
Use paint and/or markers to decorate three rocks with inspiring and positive messages and leave them for neighbors. Before you “deliver,” snap a picture and send to shankleskristin@mcplibrary.org to receive a certificate for one hour of community service. Submissions are limited to one per season (every three months).

Teen Reviewers

Write or film a movie, online database, or video game review. Visit the following links for applications and guidelines:

Teen Movie Review: https://forms.gle/61p7iyfxFubRpBww9
Earn one hour of community service for each movie review submitted; three movie review submissions per season.

Teen Online Resource Review: https://forms.gle/ZcWwzviWEwJSmWHZ7
Earn one hour of community service for each online resource review submitted; three online resource reviews per season.

Teen Video Game Review: https://forms.gle/VsRijhNVmrnzF1ea8
Earn one hour of community service for each online resource review submitted; three online resource reviews per season.

Teen Book Reviews: Click here for more details and the submission form. This opportunity is for teens in 7th-12th grade. Earn three hours of community service credit for each submitted review that meets all of the requirements listed on the application, up to a total of nine hours per season.
The library is looking for teens in Grades 7-12 willing to read and review award winning books for Young Adults selected by the American Library Association. Please note that as the books on the Best Books List are recommended for Young Adults from ages 12 to 18, the books vary in maturity levels. Your review should be a well written 250-275 word critical evaluation of the book you have read including a one paragraph summary of the book and a one paragraph critique of the author’s literary merit. Sample reviews will be emailed to you with your reviewer packet.