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Automatic Renewals

Automatic Renewals


An exciting update regarding automatic renewal!

Going forward, our autorenewal system will be turned on for all  checkouts. The system will automatically attempt to renew any items you have out a few days before they are due. If items are eligible for renewal, the system will automatically renew them and add the extension to the existing due date. Items that other patrons have on hold, which have been renewed the maximum number of times, or which are not eligible of any renewals, will not be renewed.

The autorenewal system helps patrons by renewing eligible items before they become late, which could potentially stop your card. If the system extends a loan but you don’t need the extra time, you can (of course) still return it by the original due date.

If you receive your library notifications by email, you will receive a courtesy notice letting you know of any items that were automatically renewed. If you currently receive your notifications by phone or mail, and would like to switch to email so you can receive these courtesy notices, please contact the customer service department.