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Middle Country Public Library

Middle Country Public Library (MCPL) serves as a dynamic community hub with comprehensive programs and services that meet the needs of local residents and, through grants and fund raising, provides leadership and training for libraries across Long Island and the nation. Since its inception in the mid-1950s, the library has been redefining the public library. Working in partnership with the business, social service, health, education, civic and philanthropic communities, Middle Country has evolved into a forward thinking organization, willing to learn about and adopt concepts from other industries, and then integrate them within the public library setting.

Over the years, the Library has drawn from business world models to develop entrepreneurial solutions to funding issues, while broadening the scope, reach, and definition of what a library can be. MCPL has created an immensely successful and flexible model of library service that is consumer driven and, through its willingness to partner with other organizations, has given rise to new and innovative service models. It is this entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit that has helped MCPL grow from its humble beginnings in the 1950s to the Long Island institution it is today.