Library Budget Vote Results:
Yes: 353
No: 54
Thank you for your support!
Lisa Mitnick has been re-elected to the Board of Trustees.

Children’s Vote Results:
The guinea pigs will be having a fashion show.


Just For Fun

Middle Country Public Library has a program, a club, a drop-in, an event, a concert for almost everyone! We offer programs and clubs ranging from cooking, art, drama all the way to science, technology, and games.

If you want to just hang out at the library, you can watch a movie or play video games on our Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4 in the Underground. You just need to sign up with a valid library card at the Underground Reference desk.

We also have boardgames available for you at both buildings. If you have any suggestions for movies, books, games, programs, you can talk to a librarian at the reference desk!