Join the librarians of Middle Country as they chat about upcoming programs and events, hear entertaining discussions on what to read, what to watch, and what to do at Middle Country Public Library!

Music is courtesy of the Paris-based Jazz band Dazie Mae.


Episode #57 – March 15, 2019 (12:05)

Are you traveling soon? Bring your favorite book, music, movie and more along for the ride. The library has fantastic resources and we chat about them!

Episode #56 – March 7, 2019 (15:10)

Nicole has some upcoming teen programs that you might find interesting; Sara has a brief bio as we remember Luke Perry; Lori is here to talk about this year’s Middle Country Reads and author event featuring Elizabeth Berg.

Episode #55 – February 27, 2019 (32:30)

Spoiler Alert! We discuss the 2018 “Art House” horror flick Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage.

Episode #54 – February 21, 2019 (19:35)

Nicole and Gilda have infomation to share about our ESOL and language programs here at MCPL. PLUS: Sara has a preview of our new DVD list!

Episode #53 – February 14, 2019 (34:00)

Looking for a different type of Mystery Book? Cozy up with Sara as she introduces us to the Cozy Mystery format. Nicole is all romance for Valentine’s Day. And Marlene is here to let you know that there’s great trips coming up in March, so get on board. PLUS: Sal’s Bono story.

Episode #52 – February 7, 2019 (13:42)

Nicole has read a bunch of the best-rated romantic novels; Alex has this week’s New CD list; Kristine is here to talk about the Teen Art Show.

Episode #51 – January 31, 2019 (24:35)

This week, Sal breaks the news about overdue fines going away; Sara has some adult department Black History Month programs to talk about; Nicole has the ALA Youth Award Winners; and Alex is here to serve us up some delicious cooking programs. PLUS: Sara secrets!

Episode #50 – January 25, 2019 (25:23)

This year’s Oscar nominations are here and Sara has the list; Nicole previews programming for Black History Month; Jim is here to talk about a new community program. PLUS: Bonus info on Nicole!

Episode #49 – January 17, 2019 (37:20)

It’s time for another Movie Chat! Get ready for a wild ride as Sara, Nicole, and Sal discuss the 2006 movie “The Prestige” starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.

Episode #48 – January 10, 2019 (22:27)

Sal gives us an intro to our newest entertainment option for patrons, Kanopy. Nicole reads us our horoscopes and gives us each a book recommendation, and Sara takes a look at our new Arts and Crafts online learning tool Creativebug. Deborah Hempe is in the studio for this week’s Focus segment to preview next week’s Volunteer Fair.

Episode #47 – January 3, 2019 (18:36)

Looking forward to 2019: Here are the things we are looking forward to this year!

Episode #46 – December 26, 2018 (17:58)

Happy New Year! Once again Sara and Nicole go head-to-head to answer New Year’s Eve trivia questions from one of our fab databases, Statista.

Episode #45 – December 21, 2018 (22:51)

Looking back at 2018: Our favorite books, music, movies and TV. All of it available here at the library!

Episode #44 – December 13, 2018 (18:53)

Sara and Amanda highlight some of the great programs coming to the library for Winter 2019; an update on Hoopla Digital and a music recommendation: the new album by the Australian band The Paper Kites.

Episode #43 – December 5, 2018 (24:16)

Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 will soon be on Hulu: catch up with Sara and some graphic novels here at the library. Need help signing up for Health Insurance? Nicole discusses our drop in services. Plus join us for our first Local Author’s Showcase…Gilda is here with the details.

Episode #42 – November 29, 2018 (25:25)

Do you meditate? Nicole does and will give you the scoop on some great books to help you get started. The holidays are here! Sara’s rolling out the Holiday DVD cart. Plus Stephanie is back in our Focus segment to chat about Virtual Reality experiences at the library.

Episode #41 – November 20, 2018 (17:50)

Happy Thanksgiving! In this special episode, Sal quizzes Sara and Nicole on Thanksgiving statistics from one of our databases, Statista.

Episode #40 – November 15, 2018 (19:46)

Nicole introduces us to Museum Corner Kits; Sara once again delights us with upcoming DVD releases; and for our Focus segment, Amanda Pendzick talks about the Parent Child Home Program.

Episode #39 – November 7, 2018 (22:12)

Sara has some great recommendations if you want to dive deeper into the life of Freddy Mercury. Nicole highlights some great makerspace programs coming up… and Alex is back to talk holiday CDs.

Episode #38 – November 1, 2018 (20:49)

Sara welcomes November with interesting holidays you may have never heard of; Nicole has info on a unique art restoration project taking place in the Netherlands. Plus Jim Ward is back to talk about the Veterans Resource Fair.

Episode #37 – October 26, 2018 (27:30)

Happy Hallowween! We have great films and books to put you in the spooky holiday mood! Plus: Scales and Tails Pet Fair.

Episode #36 – October 18, 2018 (26:57)

Special Episode: Join us on a sci-fi adventure as Sara and Stephanie explore the world of Doctor Who. SPOILER ALERT: details of the newest episodes will be discussed.

Episode #35 – October 12, 2018 (29:10)

The Great Give Back is this weekend…come down to this community event. Plus: Nicole just saw Hozier live and we chat about his music. Sara has a great list of films made on Long Island. In our Focus segment, Kristine joins Nicole to discuss the new Underground Media Studio.

Episode #34 – October 5, 2018 (22:18)

Sara goes picking for great apple recipes; Nicole has new items in the Library of Things to talk about; and Marlene is back to give us information about Family History Month at MCPL.

Episode #33 – September 27, 2018 (25:30)

Sara and Nicole swoon over Tom Hardy; Nicole gives details on what happens almost every Friday night at MCPL that teens just love; Elizabeth is here to get us excited about this year’s Women’s EXPO.

Episode #32 – September 21, 2018 (21:56)

Nicole just LOVES romantic comedies: we discuss. Sara has another preview of the upcoming DVD release list. Plus Marlene is back to talk about Take-a-Trip…including our trip to the Harry Potter exhibit at NY Historical Society.

Episode #31 – September 14, 2018 (35:02)

In another special episode, the podcast team discusses the 1991 movie, Drop Dead Fred. SPOILER ALERT: we will discuss key plot points, so watch the movie before listening if you don’t want it spoiled!

Episode #30 – September 6, 2018 (21:12)

We know we are your favorite podcast, but Nicole has a recommendation on another you might enjoy. Sara talks about our amazing upcoming programs for Fall 2018. Plus we wrap up the Summer Reading Club.

Episode #29 – August 28, 2018 (17:56)

We once again open up the Mail Bag and answer some questions about being a librarian.

Episode #28 – August 22, 2018 (16:43)

Nicole introduces the latest collection for teens; Sara reviews one of Stephen King’s latest thrillers, and Jim Ward discusses our Mailbox Library service in this week’s Focus segment.

Episode #27 – August 15, 2018 (27:10)

In this special episode, the podcast team discusses the 2014 movie, Predestination. SPOILER ALERT: we will discuss key plot points, so watch the movie before listening if you don’t want it spoiled!

Episode #26 – August 9, 2018 (19:57)

Sara gets us jazzed up for September’s DVD releases at the library; Nicole lets us know about tablets that patrons can check out for their kids; and for the Focus segment, Kristine Tanzi is back to discuss the NASA at Your Library program here at Middle Country.

Episode #25 – August 3, 2018 (24:25)

In this special episode, the podcast team discusses the 1997 movie, The Spanish Prisoner. SPOILER ALERT: we will discuss key plot points, so watch the movie before listening if you don’t want it spoiled!

Episode #24 – July 24, 2018 (21:37)

There are a number of volunteering opportunities for teens at the library and Nicole lets us in on all the info. Sara says the summer is here and so is our Game Collection! Plus Kristin is here to talk about Island Idol in our Focus segment.

Episode #23 – July 17, 2018 (24:19)

Did you know you can take out toys from the library? Nicole gives us the scoop! Sara lets us know about the next batch of DVDs coming to the library. Plus: Sal & Alex chat about new music coming to the collection.

Episode #22 – July 10, 2018 (25:52)

Introducing an exciting new music collection: The MCPL Vinyl Collection! Plus things for teens to do this summer in the Underground. Amanda Pendzick is in the studio to talk about Kindness Rocks.

Episode #21 – July 3, 2018 (23:08)

There are some good flicks coming to the library in July: Sara gives us the rundown. Nicole clues us into the 3D printing available at the library, and Jimmy Ward is back to talk about MCPL Under the Stars.

Episode #20 – June 26, 2018 (21:16)

Nicole talks about some more podcasts…this time focusing on Young Adults. Sara brings some great magazines that are available here to the podcast, and Deborah Hempe discusses this year’s Community Art Project, Reflections in our Focus segment.

Episode #19 – June 19, 2018 (21:40)

Did you know the library offers patrons discounted attraction tickets? Get some this summer! Plus Sara’s review of Nothing But Thieves new album, and Nicole give us her Pride Month book picks. Plus Amber Gagliardi wraps up our Focus segment series on the Adult Reading Club.

Episode #18 – June 12, 2018 (16:02)

Nicole recommends “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” by Iain Reid, Sara discusses the tragic news on Anthony Bourdain and his work available at the library, and Kristin Shankles talks about the Teen Summer Reading Club.

Episode #17 – June 6, 2018 (21:36)

Find out about the huge garage sale happening this summer at the library, plus using Mango Languages to learn a new language. In the first of 3 special Focus segments, Michelle Kenney and Jessica Servello give us the lowdown on this year’s Youth Services Summer Reading Club.

Episode #16 – May 29, 2018 (31:30)

Sara previews our upcoming DVD list; Nicole visits Chicago and gives us a trip report, and Amber Gagliardi tells us about our new special collection, the Seed Library in our Focus segment.

Episode #15 – May 22, 2018 (28:42)

We have a plethora of books on all sorts of diets to get yourself ready for the summer season, plus a look at our Senior Services in the Focus segment.

Episode #14 – May 15, 2018 (25:15)

Get ready for test season! Learn about the great test-prep resources we have here at MCPL, plus prepare yourself for this summer’s blockbuster movies! Gilda Ramos joins us for our Focus segment highlighting our Citizenship Preparation classes.

Episode #13 – May 8, 2018 (19:35)

If you like this type of book, you may like…a way to find out. Plus we look at our Reader’s Advisory services and dig into the mailbag for the first time.

Episode #12 – May 2, 2018 (16:50)

An interesting discussion on authors who write under pseudonyms; a look at movies that are leaving Netflix this month but still available here at the library; and this week’s Focus segment Stephanie Vecchio joins us to talk about our wonderful Book a Librarian service.

Episode #11 – April 24, 2018 (20:15)

Nicole’s picks for podcasts for children; Sara preps us for Avengers:Infinity War with a list of the MCU movies you should see beforehand; and Elizabeth Malafi of the Miller Center joins us to talk about this year’s Strictly Business event in our Focus segment.

Episode #10 – April 16, 2018 (21:50)

In this episode, Sara highlights what’s happening with our series Explore Your World at MCPL…this session’s destination is France; Nicole helps you find resources for “Reluctant Readers”; plus go back in time and browse historical photos of our community in our Focus segment as Theresa Arroyo discusses the book, “Images of America: Centereach, Selden and Lake Grove.”

Episode #9 – April 10, 2018 (18:52)

In this episode, Nicole reviews “She Rides Shotgun” by Alex Award winner Jordan Harper. Sara has a list of horror films showing up on Netflix, but also available here at the library. Plus Deborah Hempe tells us about the out-of-this-world exhibit currently at the Museum Corner for our Focus segment.

Episode #8 – April 3, 2018 (24:33)

In this episode, Sara has a run-in with a furry spider leading to an interesting reference question; Nicole lets us in on her to-go food and the amazing collection of cookbooks here at the library; and in our Focus segment, Theresa Arroyo gives us a preview of this year’s Boomers and Seniors Products and Services Fair.

Episode #7 – March 27, 2018 (21:27)

This week, Nicole chats about a wonderful resource called Libby, and Sara gives us a preview of the upcoming DVD release list. Plus: James Matias drops by with some info on our Innovation Celebration in our Focus segment.

Episode #6 – March 20, 2018 (23:31)

In this week’s episode, Sara has found some notable new non-fiction books; Nicole gives us the low-down on RB Digital and how you can read magazines on your devices; and Lori Abbatepaolo talks about this year’s Middle Country Reads in the Focus segment.

Episode #5 – March 13, 2018 (25:58)

In this week’s episode, Sara gives us a preview of the next Coming Soon DVD list; Nicole presents an overview of Hoopla Digital; and Jim Ward discusses the Veterans History Project in a very special Focus segment.

Episode #4 – March 6, 2018 (24:48)

In this episode, Sara highlights four movies that started out as graphic novels. Nicole recommends you listen to the StoryCorps podcast (after you listen to us, of course!). And on our Focus segment, Kristen Todd-Wurm fills us in on the Mobile Food Van and “HALI on Wheels” Mobile Shower services that the library hosts every month.

Episode #3 – February 27, 2018 (19:24)

In this episode, Sara highly recommends you reserve Thor:Ragnarok on next week’s DVD list. Nicole loves the new YA book When Dimple met Rishi. And the Chickens are coming to MCPL! Find out when this year’s baby chickens will make an appearance in the Youth Services department.

Episode #2 – February 20, 2018 (24:09)

This week, Sara fills us in on our new Binge Boxes and Alex gives a thumbs-up to the Black Panther soundtrack. On our Focus segment, Marlene discusses how to utilize our wonderful genealogy services here at the library. Listen below or right click to download mp3

Episode #1 – February 13, 2018 (40:38)

Welcome to the Middle Country Public Library Podcast! For our premiere super-sized episode, Sara talks about the ways you can check out this year’s Oscar nominated films, Jim picks “The Operator” by Robert O’Neill as his go-to book this week, and in our Focus segment, we chat with Kristine and Stephanie about the Library of Things. Listen below or right click to download mp3