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Registration Information

  •     A valid MCPL library card for each patron (adults, children and teens) is required at time of registration.
  •     Patrons can register another patron if they have the patron’s library card.
  •     Caregivers who live in the district can register an out-of-district child that they care for with the caregiver’s MCPL library card.
  •     Caregivers who live out-of-district can register for parent/child programs using the child’s MCPL library card.
  •     A listing of all programs can be found in the MCPL Quarterly.

Online Program Registration Instructions

To Register:

  •     Search for Library Programs in the MCPL catalog.
  •     Type in the name of the program you want to register for. Click “Submit.”
  •     Click “Register” on the date and time of the program session you wish to attend. Please note any special program instructions.*
  •     Enter your name, library card barcode, and password (PIN), then click “Submit.”
  •     Enter an e-mail address to receive a program confirmation. Click “OK.”
  •     Print out your program confirmation (optional). Click “LOG OUT”.

If you are waitlisted for a program, you will be contacted if space becomes available.

* Material lists may be obtained online or at any Reference Desk.
* Payment forms may be obtained at any Reference Desk.
** Payments for fee programs must be paid in person within three (3) days or your registration will be automatically cancelled.
*** Program payments are non-refundable.

Viewing Your Program Registrations

  •     Log into your library account with your name, barcode, and PIN.
  •     To the left of your photo, select “Programs Currently Registered” to view the list of programs you have registered for.
  •     To cancel yourself from a program, click on the box to the left of the program name marked “Cancel”. Then press the “Cancel Selected” box above the program list.
  •     Print your updated program list, if needed.