College & Career Search

Deciding what to do after high school can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Whether you decide to go to college, vocational school, or straight to a career, Middle Country Public Library has counselors here to help you with issues like:

  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Administration of Strong Interest Inventory test
  • Workshops on interviewing techniques and resume writing
  • On-site access to representatives from local colleges
  • Civil service test announcements and test preparation books
  • Financial aid and scholarship information
  • Occupation-oriented newspapers and journals
  • Links to job listings and data banks
  • College catalogs and video tours
  • Extensive collection of print, video, and online resources supporting career exploration and employment search activities

These services are free to MCPL residents with a valid MCPL card. To make an appointment, please call 631-585-9393 x 133.

College Search

The Career Center offers several resources in assisting with the college search.  The Career Counselor will work with you to narrow your options using the computer program CHOICES or printed resources.  The career counselor will also evaluate what college options are appropriate based on your academic background and interests. In addition the College Board, collegeboard.com, and ACT, act.org, websites are most helpful.

Please contact the Career Center for more information at 631-585-9393 ext 133.

Please call a counselor for additional assistance at 631-585-9393 ext 133.

Finding financial aid and grants can sometimes mean affording college or going to the right school. Here are some websites to help you find valuable resources.

Financial Aid Resources:

Finding Merit Scholarships or Non-need Awards

These scholarships are those for which you qualify by good academic perfomance, some specific talent or unique area or ethnicity.  You should begin your search for scholarships during junior year of high school. You can check with your high school guidance office, your library, local organizations, clubs, church or synagogue, your parent’s work place and organizations to which they belong.

The following websites will also help in your search.


    scholarshipexperts. com

    fast web.com


 Need Based Scholarships and Grants:

These scholarships and grants are based on the results of the review of the FAFSA and/or the CSS Profile.  These forms must be completed during senior year to qualify for funds. The funding can come from the government or the college or both. Use the following websites to access the appropriate forms:

    fafsa.ed.gov – FAFSA forms

    collegeboard.com – CSS Profile


A Career Counselor will help you to prepare for interviews and college visits. Call 631-585-9393 ext 133 to make an appt.

Essay Review/ Interview Prep

The essay is the most personal part of the written application. It helps the admissions officer understand what is important to you.  You should write about what is familiar to you or your passion. The best essays are those which help the reader to know you better. You may bring your essay to the Career Center for critiquing by a Career Counselor.

The Interview allows the admissions officer to meet you in person and discuss your academic background and interests. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the college. Not all colleges interview but they all offer information sessions and tours. Take every opportunity to visit colleges and participate in all that the colleges offers to perspective students.

Career Exploration Workshops are offered regularly by the Career Counselors to assist with all of the topics below.

Deciding on a career path or selecting a college major can be confusing. The Career Center offers assessments to assist you in making this important decision. The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator are excellent tools to help you focus on a career which may be appropriate for you.The Career Counselors are tained to offer these assessment and evaluate them with you. There are several resources available both on the computer and in books to research your career choice. Please call 631-585-9393 ext 133 for more information.