Teen Spaces

Club 5-6-7

Club 5-6-7 is an area for young teens between 5th through 8th grade. Club 5-6-7 is located on the Youth Services side bridging the gap between the Youth and Underground area. Club 5-6-7 is a space for teens to hang out, read books, and use the PCs and latest gaming consoles available just for them.

The Underground- Centereach

The Underground, named for its location on the lower level of the library, is a space for teens in 8th through 12th grade. The Underground has PC and Mac computers for teen use along with a laser printer. The Underground features a teen programming room with sliding stained glass doors, complete with a media center that houses a flat-screen TV for watching movies and using the latest gaming consoles. The Underground Media Studio, housed in the Underground, is a place for teens in 8th-12th grade to stretch new creative muscles or perfect their skills in Music, Photography, Movie Making and Podcasting. For more information and to see available equipment click HERE.

The Underground has an extensive collection of the latest in new and classic young adult literature, non-fiction, biographies, graphic novels and manga, and test books. Media includes a circulating video game collection, audiobooks, Playaways, zines, and more.

Teen Resource Center (TRC)- Selden

The TRC is located in the Selden building and is a space dedicated for teens in 6th-12th grade to participate in a full range of activities that include drama, music and art programs, an array of clubs, Friday Night Drop-In programs, cooking programs, and more. The TRC also has board games, video game consoles, pamphlets, and magazines for teen use.