Library of Things, Game Collection, Cake Pans, and Creativity Kits

Library of Things, Game Collection, Cake Pans, and Creativity Kits

  • Middle Country patrons 18 and older are able to borrow these items with a loan period of 14 days. Game Collection items may be borrowed for 7 days.
  • Two kits can be checked out at one time and are non-renewable.
  • Items must be picked up at the Adult Services desk and returned to the Customer Services desk at the Centereach building only.
  • Please see an Adult Services librarian to check out an item from the collection or call 631-585-9393 ext. 559 for more information.
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Library of Things — Technology Collection


35mm Slide & Negative Scanner

Use our film scanner to create digital copies of your slides and negatives. PC or Mac compatible.

Jumbl High Resolution Digital Scanner Manual





Air Quality Monitor

This air quality monitor has a fan onboard that allows REAL-TIME accurate monitoring of formaldehyde (HCHO), total volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and <2.5 micron-sized fine particulate dust (PM2.5). Learn where air quality is poorer and where your allergies can worsen.







Artiphon Instrument

Artiphon instrument is an intuitive musical device that can be played in a variety of ways. Choose between guitar, violin, piano, and drum presets – or combine sounds, settings, and tunings to design new instruments. Please note that this instrument requires you to download an app. Compatible with Macs, PCs, and iOS devices.

Click here for the Artiphon Instrument online manual

Click here to learn about the Artiphon app for iOS devices

Click here to find software downloads for PCs and Macs.



Bike Repair Kit

A toolkit to help with any basic bicycle repair job. Includes a pump, stick-on tire patches, valves, tire levers, and a multitool.








Binoculars designed for astronomical viewing, as well as for land-based viewing. Donated to the library by NASA.





Blu-ray/DVD Writer

Easily and quickly record up to 100GB of data with this LG BP50NB40 8x external USB 2.0 Blu-ray Disc rewriter that features 6x maximum BD-R and 2x BD-RE write speeds to help you rapidly complete your tasks.

Blu-ray Writer Manual




Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker to stream music or sound from any Bluetooth compatible device. Also includes 3.5mm jack for direct connections.

Bose Soundlink Manual



Car Code Scanner

The major function of this scanner is detecting the Engine System, reading and erasing error codes. Once plugged into your vehicle’s 16pin OBDII DLC, the unit will power up and prompt you to start your ignition. If your vehicle has a Check Engine Light on, AD310 is the first tool you need to have to help you determine the cause and find a solution.






Color Scanner

Use our color scanner to create digital copies of your documents and photos. For computer use only.





Digital Multitrack Recorder 

Use our digital multitrack recorder to combine multiple inputs into a single digital audio track.






Dog Training Agility Kit

Dog Agility Training Equipment Set for Indoor & Outdoor – Complete Dog Agility Equipment for Dogs – Dog Agility Course with Weave Poles, Pause Box, Tunnel, Tire & Hurdle Jump. ★ Easy setup and instructions – starting with easy steps and continuing with agility course recommendations, this user manual for the indoor or backyard dog agility equipment is full of surprises!







Film2Digital Movie Maker

A fully automated apparatus to digitize 8mm and Super 8 Movie Reels Frame by Frame digitizing for high quality digital conversion.

Wolverine Film2Digital Manual MCPL Library of Things





Garmin GPS

Easily navigate terrain while hunting, fishing, off-roading or geocaching with this 2.2″ handheld GPS, which features an ergonomic, rugged design that’s built to withstand dust, dirt, humidity and water for defense against the elements.

Garmin eTrex 20x Manual






Google Chromecast

Stream videos and music from your mobile device or PC to your TV using the Google Chromecast. Download the Hoopla app on your mobile device to stream music and movies that you’ve borrowed!





GoPro Hero 4

HERO4 Session packs the power of GoPro into the smallest, lightest, most convenient camera yet. Rugged and waterproof, the HERO4 Session comes with a head strap, hat clip, and even dog harness for a hands-free experience.

GoPro Hero4 Session Manual

GoPro Hero4 Session Quick Guide




Green Screen

A rocksteady solution optimized for camera chroma keying, green screen sets the stage for truly immersive broadcasting in a matter of seconds. Simply Flip open the aluminum case, lift the handle to a suitable height, and let the pneumatic x-frame automatically lock your canvas in place. That’s it.






LP USB Conversion Turntable

Use our LP-USB Conversion Turntable to create digital audio files from your vinyl records. You can also listen to your records using this turntable.







Metal Detector

Metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions.






Mini LED Projector

Projects images onto a large screen from your DVD player, computer, or mobile device. For devices with HDMI or VGA out. Some configurations require speakers (not included). Works best in completely dark environment.

Mini Projector User Manual





Mobile Hotspot

This mobile wireless hotspot provides mobile, high-speed internet access on Sprint’s 4G LTE Network. See for coverage information.







Complete podcastudio bundle with USB/Audio Interface. Everything you need for podcasting, music production and home recording






Projection Screen

Use this portable projection screen to project movies, images, and more. Can be used indoor and outdoors, and can stand on its own or be hung up.

Projection Screen Installation and User’s Guide





Portable Scanner

Scan photos or documents in 600 dpi in this stand alone device. Save images to an SD card.






Power Monitor

Simply plug it into a wall socket and then plug in your appliance to assess how efficient they really are. The large LCD will display the power consumption by the kilowatt-hour and the built-in memory retains accumulated readings when power is interrupted. Program in your local utility rate and display projected costs by hour, day, week, month, or year. Evaluate the quality of the electrical power provided from your utility company by monitoring voltage, line frequency (Hz), and power factor (VA).

Power Monitor Manual




Ring Light

This kit includes everything you need to get going, with a 12-inch light, a 67-inch stand, a phone holder and a wireless remote.






Smartphone Stabilizer

Mount any smartphone up to 3.3″ wide and capture smooth footage in handheld operation.





Stud Finder

Accurately & quickly locating studs wood metal AC wires! In all modes, this wall scanner detects and indicates a Live AC Wire. Whether you are a professional, homeowner or a DIY enthusiast, you can find great use in this electronic stud scanner.







Tabletop Lightbox

This is a photo shooting box with LED lighting kit which can produce soft and even light spread on an object. Any desired background color may be attached.








The Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope is no toy – it’s a real reflecting telescope that is a perfect telescope for beginning amateur astronomers.

Orion Telescope Manual

Orion Glass Solar Filter Instruction Sheet





Telescope (Smaller)

Ideal for the observer who views both astronomical and terrestrial objects, the Meade Infinity Series combines an altazimuth mount and quality optics for a superb value. For newcomers and beginners alike, these refracting telescopes are a great way for you to discover the cosmos and the outdoors.​ You’ll discover more with the Meade Infinity Series. If you’ve never owned a telescope before, the Infinity 80 Refractor is a great telescope to get started in astronomy. This 80mm (3.1″) aperture gives bright, sharp images for both land and celestial objects. Whether you’re viewing the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, surface details on the Moon, or terrestrial objects, the Infinity 80 Refractor allows the first-time observer to explore the world, solar system, and beyond.






Thermal Leak Detector

Uses infrared sensors to measure surface temperatures. It performs within the ranges as specified for home repair use and should not be used to check the temperature of living beings
Helps homeowners track down power-draining drafts.









The Victrola portable suitcase turntable is a classic and loaded with great features. Portable design and a carry handle make taking your favorite vinyl or bluetooth tunes easy, no matter where the party takes you. Use this turntable with one of our records from our new Vinyl Collection!







USB Cassette Converter

Convert cassettes into digital music files. Computer (PC or MAC) required.







VHS to DVD Converter

Archive home movies from VHS tape to DVD. Circulates in wheeled carrying case with handle for easy transport.

Funai VHS to DVD Converter Manual MCPL Library of Things

     Funai VHS to DVD Converter Quick Guide MCPL Library of Things

                                                                                  Quick start guide – Sanyo



Video to Digital Converter

Convert your old video tapes or camcorder tapes to digital format with the touch of a button. Digitalize video from VHS, VCRs, DVD Players, DVRs, Camcorders, Hi8, and Gaming Systems.



Cake Pans




Checkerboard Set



Donut Set




Mickey Mouse

Sphere/Sportsball Set


Teddy Bear

Game Collection

Badminton Set (Currently Unavailable)

Ultra portable and nearly instant, this Badminton Set is up in seconds. This freestanding base design allows for easy set-up without the use of stacks or tools, which makes it very portable.

Bean Bag Bucketz

Throw 16 bags per round at buckets worth one to four points each and play to 21. UNIQUE GAME: Combines corn hole, washer toss and Frisbee golf into one easy beanbag / carnival game QUICK SETUP: Our portable outside game sets up fast at the beach, in the back yard or for tailgating B3 Bean Bag Bucketz is a fun interactive game for friends and families to play outdoors

Bean Bag Toss Game Set

Ideal for tailgaters, backyard BBQs, campsites, and more. This game is made with high-strength aluminum boards with water resistant MDF surfaces. These boards fold flat and fit in carrying case with convenient handles.


What better way to get outside and have some fun than with this quality bocce ball set. This beginners set comes with four dark green and four dark red bocce balls and one Pallino. The entire set is enclosed with a durable carrying case to keep your new favorite game all together.

Bottle Battle Set

A fast-paced flying disc skill game that offers non-stop offensive and defensive action. Bottle Battle requires competitors to knock down their opponents bottle/pole as the defensive team attempts to catch the disc and bottle before they hit the ground.

Coney Island Toss

Boardwalk Inspired Cornhole Bounce Game with Carrying Case (15+ Games Included) – PVC Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids – Corn Holes Outdoor Game Set. Play the classic 1 player arcade style version and compete for the high score. Or switch it up with SWOOC Games exclusives like Cornhole-ish, C-O-N-E-Y, Eliminator, and many more. Never ending fun for the whole fam!

Cornhole Game Set

Portable PVC Framed bean bag toss game. Setup takes less than a minute so friends and family can enjoy cornhole for hours. Now you can make the most of your beach day, picnic, BBQ, and more!

Croquet Set

This Croquet Set is perfect for leisurely afternoons at the park or games in your own backyard. This game is ideal for two to six players.

Field Day Games

This is a great fun game that everyone can get involved with from the racers on the field to the spectators cheering on from the side.The outside games great for carnival themed birthday party games, Halloween party games, BBQS, picnics, family reunions and field day events.

Giant 4 Connect

Be the first player to get four coins in a row and you win!

Giant Checkers

Be the first player to get four coins in a row and you win!

Giant Chess

Our chess large folding board game is a classic! ! Everyone loves a good game of chess and multiple the fun by the size of the game set! Fun to play, fun to watch! ! !

Giant Tumble Tower

Perfect for indoor or outdoor events such as parties, BBQs, tailgating, group events, camping and much more.

Giant Wooden Dice

Perfect for indoor or outdoor events such as parties, BBQs, tailgating, group events, camping and much more.

Giant Wooden Dominoes Set

Giant dominoes is just like tradtional dominoes, but resized to giant proportions.

Giant Wooden Tic Tac Toe Set

This beautiful giant Tic Tac Toe sat comes with everything you need to enjoy this classic game resized to giant proportions.

Glow-in-the-dark Backyard Darts

The perfect game to bring to tailgates, barbeques, or any outdoor event for hours of entertainment. The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down; all of the game pieces glow in the dark for nighttime visibility! When the glowing starts to fade, simply recharge the pieces in the sun to keep them bright at night.

Jumbo Pickup Sticks (Currently Unavailable)

A classic game of fun, bringing back the nostalgia of childhood. The game can be played indoors or outdoors, left-handed or right-handed and by players of every age and ability, making it perfect for parties, picnics, family reunions or good old-fashioned backyard fun.

Kan Jam

The Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game from Kan Jam is fun, fun, fun, and even more fun. This kit includes everything that you could ever consider needing for an enjoyable game of Kan Jam. Barbecues, tailgates, and other festivities have never been as fun as they are with the Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game.

Karaoke Speaker

This karaoke player has a sleek design matched by no other player you’ll ever find. It’s feature will keep any karaoke enthusiast busy. A color screen that’s gorgeous and easy to read far away.

Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling Games have existed in various forms in Europe for centuries, and is the fore-runner to Ten-Pin Bowling. The game is played by two or more backyard bowling players taking it in turn to bowl a skittles ball at six wooden skittles, in an attempt to knock down more than your opponent.

Lawn Bowling: Milk Bottles

State Fair Lawn Bowiling from Front Porch Classics is a fun, retro-style set the whole family will enjoy.

Mega Garden Checkers

Giant checker board for indoors or outside. Perfect for lawn games, wedding events, backyard games, pubs, wineries, chess club, schools, hotels, special events and anywhere friends of families gather.


Get the whole family in on the fun of this great game that combines the challenge of golf with the game of pool. Super simple to set up, just keep out the green mat on any level surface indoors & outdoor. Works beautifully in the den, living room, game room, or any indoor space.

Ring Toss Game

This Ring Toss Game has proved to be great fun for all age groups-from the very young to the elderly. Indoors are outdoors this game is a much loved old fashioned game.


Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach or gym with rules kind of like volleyball.

Tower Ball

Whether you’re a washer toss veteran or new to the game, this washer toss game is for you! Game weighs approximately 10 pounds.

Washer Toss Game

Whether you’re a washer toss veteran or new to the game, this washer toss game is for you! Game weighs approximately 10 pounds.

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Creativity Kits


Creativity Kit: LED LightPad

This super thin and sleek light-up pad illuminates the images, which makes tracing easy. This light pad features adjustable brightness to high, medium or low by holding power button. This light pad is great for drawing, animation, tracing fabric patterns, weeding vinyl, and so much more! The dimension of this pad are: 18.1 x 13.2 x 0.2 In. Light pad must be plug into power source to operate. USB cable and power wall adaptor included.




Creativity Kit: Cricut EasyPress Kit

Ideal for jumbo-size projects. Now with adjustable heat up to 400℉ (205°C), Cricut EasyPress 2 is your no-stress heat press. Combining the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron, Cricut EasyPress 2 gives you fast, effortless results that really last, even after repeated washes. Eliminate guesswork with rigorously tested time and temperature settings for every project, apply heat, and when the beep sounds, you’re done! Helpful safety features include an insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature. EasyPress 2 is compatible with most major brands of heat-transfer vinyl and all Infusible Ink™ products. And of course, it’s a perfect complement to Cricut cutting machines.





Creativity Kit: Cricut Joy

This smart little (3.9lbs) cutting and writing machine is easy to set up and use.. Cut custom vinyl decals for water bottles or your wall. Make labels for your kitchen or office. Bust out a custom card or a birthday banner. It’s also compatible with Cricut Smart Materials™, for super-easy, super-long cuts without a cutting mat. Just load & go! With plenty of projects that take just 15 minutes, Cricut Joy makes it possible to make something unique for you. Patrons will need to download the Cricut Joy App on their mobile device or have a computer with Bluetooth wireless technology.







Creativity Kit: Cricut Mug Press

Create professional-quality, personalized mugs with Cricut Mug Press. Create your design using Cricut Infusible Ink materials, attach it to your mug, and let the press do the rest. With no manual temperature or pressure settings, it’s easy to customize Infusible Ink compatible mugs* with one-of-a-kind art or text. Optimized for Infusible Ink products, this unique mug press is the perfect complement to any Cricut cutting machine. Carefully follow instructions at





Creativity Kit: Jewelry Tool Set

This kit includes: 11-inch aluminum ring mandrel (US sizes 1- 15), chasing hammer, 12 5-½ inch needle filers, four pairs of pliers (flush- cutters, chain- nose, flat- nose and round nose), 6 inch awl with wooden handle, 3-½ inch pin vise with two collets, 9-piece drill bit set (.06mm- 1mm), 3-inch brass gauge (mm/inch), polishing cloth and (25) #3 beading needles.





Creativity Kit: Jewelry Tool Set

This kit includes all the essential tools to start hand stamping metal jewelry and keepsakes. The stamps, tools, and guides are all specifically chosen to ensure an easy and successful introductory experience. The Ergo-Angle Hammer is designed to leave deep and even impressions, while the large steel block provides a solid, comfortable stamping surface. This kit also includes tools needed to create popular hand-stamped bracelets and necklaces! Tools allow you to stamp, curve, texture, and bend bracelets.





Creativity Kit: Knitting Loom Set

This creativity kits includes 4 circle looms and 4 long looms. Circle looms are great for creating hats. Long looms can be used for making bags, blankets and scarves. Each loom is made of high-grade plastic and stay-put pegs, specifically engineered to work smoothly with yarn. Two Loom Hooks and 2 Big Eye Needles are included.




Creativity Kit: Paper Crafting Kit

This kit is perfect for scrapbooking, card making, and paper crafts! Set includes 62 pieces: 37 wooden stamps (seasonal, birthday, thank you, flowers, animals and more!) 3 decorative punches, scallop punch, floral punch, corner punch, hexagon punch, scissors, cloud scissors, ripple scissors, victorian scissors, bone folder crafting tool, paper trimmer, envelope maker, markers in a tote carrying bag.







Creativity Kit: Large Weaving Loom

This versatile loom (approx. 28″ x 20″) makes it easy to create tapestries on a table or floor.





Creativity Kit: Letter Hand Stamping Kit 

This kit includes all the essential tools ImpressArt recommends to start hand stamping metal jewelry and keepsakes. The two Ergo-Angle Hammer are designed to leave deep and even impressions, while the large steel block provides a solid, comfortable stamping surface. Kit includes two difference fonts with both uppercase, lowercase and numbers included. These stamps are engineered from hardened steel and rated to endure stamping on soft metals and hard metals up to stainless steel. The kit comes complete with Stamp Tape and Stamp Guides to align letters as well as a marker to make stamped impressions stand out. The Kit includes: 2 Ergo-Angle™ Hammer – Produces deep, crisp impressions, Large Steel Block – Provides solid work surface for stamping, Small Steel Bock, Stamp Tape – Safely secures blanks to steel block without leaving any residue, Stamp Guides, Book – Contains 70 sticker guides to help evenly space out letters and align stamped impressions in a straight line, on a curve, or in a pattern, Stamp Enamel Marker – Darkens stamped impressions, Bridgette™ Letter Stamps, Uppercase, Bridgette™ Letter Stamps, Lowercase, Bridgette™ Numbers Stampers, Stargazer, Letter Stamps, Uppercase, Stargazer, Letter Stamps, Lowercase, Stargazer, Number Stamps, (1) Practice Blank.





Creativity Kit: Quilling Kit

This Quilling Kit contains 24 pieces: dispensing glue bottle, tweezes, white glue tray, 5 quilling paper pens, bead needles (pins), curved gauge, electric quilling pen, scissors, quilling paper mold, crease tool reel, ball concave, quilling comb, 3 paper towers, quilling paper winding disk, quilling ruler, coordinate setting sheets, user instruction booklet, all in a blue tool box. This kit has everything you need to start quilling!





Creativity Kit: Sewing Kit

The XM2701 Sewing Machine is perfect for beginners learning to sew, and for more advanced sewers looking for versatility. Loaded with features, including 27 built-in stitches, with 63 stitch functions. Included are blind hem, decorative and quilting stitches, with an automatic one-step buttonholer; 6 quick-change sewing feet, including a buttonhole, zipper, zigzag, narrow hemmer, blind stitch and button sewing foot. The XM2701 comes with a built-in easy needle threader, jam-resistant Quick-Set™ top drop-in bobbin, and an automatic bobbin winding system. This kit also includes bobbins, threaders, a seam ripper, pin cushion, scissors, tape measure, and fabric makers.

Brother XM2701 Quick Reference Guide

Brother XM2701 Manual



Creativity Kit: Woodburning Kit (Currently Unavailable)

This kit includes 43 pieces – 36 tips, adjustable temperature pen, safety stand, pliers, metal stencil, user’s manual in a deluxe case.


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